Welcome to The Mindfulness Playbook


Finding out what Meditation 'is'

This is our site for ‘meeting & greeting,’ where we can:

  • get together and ‘share’

about the ways and methods of The Meditation.

Here we want to talk about ‘life and All ‘things’ Meditation

We talk about:

  • the ways
  • the view
  • the how-to of The Meditation

as well as actually ‘doing’ it!

When we speak about these things:

  • what The Meditation is
  • how it works (including how to view it)

what we really mean is:

  • we want to find the ‘ways’ of joy and knowing what’s ‘good!’

When we are positive then we can ‘flourish & grow’ with The Meditation and:

Our Resources

We are glad that you are here and we do have some good resources to share.

  • We have several websites with ‘this good Meditation material’.

At our site TomLloydsite.com we have very good News & information about:

  • Meditation and its place in our healthy lifestyle.

You can go there and see our Meditation Store as well as the variety of information that we offer & share.


Besides that we have our good website TheEvenMind.com where Meditation is the central theme and there is ‘so much to learn there!’

It is a good idea to go to our sites and see the ‘good stuff we share‘ for ‘growing & flourishing NOW.’

  • There’s no better time to Meditate than NOW!


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