About Tom

Hello my name is Tom and I write the meditation books. Here on this site we have several good books to view and as long as you like them you can add them to your collection.

I really love meditation and have practiced it for more than 35 years. It is a good path to pursue and I recommend it to almost everyone.

Being Open to Meditation

There’s nothing you can’t find with meditation, as long as you are willing to look. With eyes wide open and heart set right it’s possible to go, grow and even soar with a good meditation practice. Of course we recommend to practice this regularly.

There are a lot of benefits to a regular meditation practice:

  • cultivate regular healthy breathing
  • have a steady outlook
  • practice being even minded
  • learn many new things

And you can get all this while sitting in the comfort of your own home.

That’s a win-win!

Practicing Regularly

As we say we recommend the regular practice of meditation. In doing this you can become thoughtful of yourself and your surroundings so you stay a good member of the community. As your meditation practice grows you can find similar friends that appreciate meditation too!

Building our practice and a network of friends are topics we cover in these books and are worthwhile topics to consider and think about regularly. When you are mindful of your entire life then you are on the path to being an upright person. With the meditation you can keep an eye on this, cultivate it and grow too.

The best thing I see in people who meditate is how thoughtful they are and not so worried and wrapped up in thinking about me me me. Being kind & considerate to others makes us bigger people and our friends and acquaintances see it & love it in us.

Like the 2 old sayings go:

To have friends you must be a friend

Everyday mind is Buddha mind

When you take the time to practice meditation regularly, even daily, then you grow & prosper from it. It’s not especially linear so you don’t just see things like ‘trading one for one.’ It’s actually more like, ‘2 cars in every garage.’

The benefits of meditation are known to those who meditate so if you need to verify it just ask a meditator. We can always help you! We hope you like this site TheMindfulnessPlaybook.net and we surely welcome you here. Look through the pages and see the good things that are offered.

Maybe someday you will write a meditation book of your own!

Cheers & Blessings,



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PS. We have included an About the Author page on each ebook we offer so please find more author information within each book.

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