Our Mission


We are TheMindfulnessPlaybook and as we have said:

we are about Meditation

So many people today practice meditation and, since so many like it, then:

  • we know that Meditation is good!

Since we meditate, and ‘appreciate the things we find’ in the meditation, it’s good to:

  • pause a minute
  • take a fresh breath

and reflect & realize how good meditation is and how much we get from the meditation!

The Qualities of the Meditation

The qualities that we find in the meditation are valuable, they can really ‘make a difference,’ like ‘night & day!

In meditation we want to be withthe harmony of things:’

we want to find a balance in our lives that we can know and count on, so we don’t have to come back and do it all again!

We really do want the meditation, we want this stuff.

It definitely is better than ‘running into what doesn’t work!

Nobody wants to:

  • take up a task
  • do it

and then find, oh my, that it doesn’t work.

  • that would be the worst!

About TheMindfulnessPlaybook

Here at TheMindfulnessPlaybook.net we want to help people,
we want to ‘feel the love.

We want to do this as we cultivate the interest in meditation.

We can do this, by using theways of meditation.

and so, being here, we can do this together!

Using Meditation

With the meditation as our tool, we can live together and grow,
into full people, developing with a mindfulness of ‘allowing things to be.’

With caring we can be ‘mindful, of both our environment and situations,’ so together we can be an ok world, together.

If we are mindful, and remember the tool of meditation, then it can be possible and it can be doable too!

Finding the Joy

If we care, if we pay attention, then we can ‘find the joy.

If we ‘allow each other to be’ then we can have:

  • a workable situation.

With a ‘setting like this, with caring and paying attention, we could have:

  • an ok setting
  • an ok situation

so we could ‘flourish and grow together, in a ‘peaceful setting, and so we could actually have the possibility of:

  • finding the joy.

If we can find the joy, then we could find the excitement:

  • of living
  • of breathing
  • of being here
  • in each moment
  • in this moment

with ‘good fullness,’ so we never have to think about:

  • anything wrong,
  • nothing missing or lacking,

justthe fullness,’ which is both here and available.

so that being here, with each other, can ‘be a joy.’

We can do it, and have an ok time!

Finding Meaning in Our Meditation

With the meditation we can:

  • improve
  • get better

and we can find ‘meaning and fullness’ which we want and deserve, both together and for us too!

This is the meaning of TheMindfulnessPlaybook

Knowing TheMindfulnessPlaybook

As we say:

here at TheMindfulnessPlaybook we are about Meditation.

We do it and like it, so here we can:

meet and share together

We can do this in:

  • the topics
  • the ways

and even the methods of:

  • learning and knowing the meditation.

This way we can ‘get the ball rolling’ and wind up on ‘the positive side!’

The Success of Meditation

Learning about the meditation is rich, and it can be fun too!

If we do the work then we can earn the fruit that comes with it.

So go have a look at our material here at TheMindfulnessPlaybook.net
and let’s:

  • share and learn together.

We can grow our community, our knowledge of meditation and the ‘ways of meditation’ so:

The Meditation can be around, and, as such, everybody can be better by it!

We are always glad to see you here!

Our Resources

We have a lot of good Meditation material available.

At our site TomLloydsite.com we have very good News & information about Meditation and its place in our healthy lifestyle.

You can go there and see our Meditation Store as well as the variety of information that we offer & share.

We also have our good website TheEvenMind.com where Meditation is the central theme and there is ‘so much to learn there!’

These resources are available so please feel free to go and have a look!

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